Q: Do you like the performance of your current appliance under normal conditions?

A: If your appliance has provided you many years of trouble-free service, it may be wise to invest some money into it. Troubled appliances tend to break frequently, so if yours is bug-free, keep it that way!
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Q: How much will it really cost to replace your appliance?

A: Don't forget, when comparing repair cost versus replacement cost, be sure to calculate down time, installation fees, delivery fees and possibly lost time at work. For instance, installation of a new dishwasher could add an additional $150 to the cost of replacement. All of these factors may help to decide whether or not to repair a current appliance.
Q: Are new appliances made of the same quality materials as your current appliance?

A: Major appliance manufacturers have for years attempted to keep foreign brands from entering the U.S. market. In order to accomplish this, with rising labor costs, the materials get cheaper. A 10-year-old washer is most likely superior in quality to a new washer.
Q: Isn't this is a perfect opportunity to get one of those high-tech appliances?

A: High-tech appliances introduced in recent years have produced a lot of work for repair companies and at a much higher price tag for consumers. For example, front load washers save a lot of water, but some have mildew problems and computer board problems. When they do break, the consumer will be stuck with a repair bill that is probably not what he or she expected with the purchase of that high-tech appliance.
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