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"They ALWAYS have the parts I need, in stock, at a fair price. You can buy it online cheaper, but, in my opinion, this is the type of stuff you want to buy at a store front, so you can ask questions and receive valuable knowledge and get your appliance fixed promptly. That is the added value of buying at a local parts dealer. Shop Local!" - Garrett T.
"Great service! Service charge was 1/2 the price of some other places I called!! Would use again!!" - Pat Lach
"There are several appliance parts and repair centers located in close proximity to me, but none are as helpful as National Appliance. If they don't have the parts in stock, they can get them quickly and their prices are fair. The woman who typically answers the phone and handles parts lookup is so pleasant and so willing/eager to help. Great place to do business with." - Michael Hetrick
"My refrigerator stopped working on a Friday and I didn't realize it until later in the evening and every appliance repair service I looked up was not open on Saturday so I figured I would be out of luck until Monday. I happened to come across National Appliance Service Saturday morning while searching on google. I gave them a call and they were open! They sent out a technician and he arrived within an hour. He seemed to know exactly what the problem was; the computer board was shot and he showed me exactly where it burnt out, it was obvious that the part was not able to function anymore. He had a replacement part on his truck and had things fixed within a half hour. Quick service and price was fair. Thank you!!" - Chris Shults
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